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I love Drake, but his stylist needs to GO


Greystone Manor GRAMMY Afterparty

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That Smile

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My 5 favorite Drake rap songs

Ok, I already posted my favorite r&b songs, and a lot of people responded with their favorites, but mentioned rap songs, which I consider completely different. My favorite rap songs (as of now) are:

Going In For Life- This such an underrated song in my opinion. A lot of fans have never even heard it before because it’s on Comeback Season, but they really should. It is so relaxed when he raps, and it sounds effortless when he switches from one flow to the next. And I also like the fact that there is no chorus, because it shows that he’s so confident in his rapping capability on this song that there is no need for a catchy hook to get people to like the song.

HYFR- This is relatively new, but is definitely a Drake classic. We get to see a different side of Drake, the one that is dealing with fame, but not in a bad way. When i first heard his verse, I was mind blown, because its rare that we ever get to hear Drake rap fast, and I’m sure every Team Drizzy member has attempted to sing along without getting tongue-tied.

The Winner- This song is flat out fun, and I wish that it was released as a single so more people would be exposed to Drake’s rap songs. Drake is usually humble, so this song shows us a different side of Drake that is confident, but not in a cocky way.

Ignant Shit -I just love the overall sound of this song, and the word play that Drake uses in this song. He also used a flow thats called either superman or hashtag flow (borrowed from Big Sean) that blew up in rap. (example: burn bread every day- no coaster)

Best I Ever Had- Even though I rarely listen to it now, I have to admit that I was in LOVE with this song. A lot of his songs are about failed relationships, heartbreak etc, so its nice to see a lighter side to love that he expresses. And  I’m sure I wasnt the only girl to act like Drake was talking to me personally lol.

If you want, submit your favorite(s) here with an explanation as to why, and I’ll feature you on the blog!

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